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Our highly rated curriculum is intelligently designed by subject experts to help each student maximise his or her performance. Each QE instructor goes through the official tests countless times to deconstruct all question types, and develop a comprehensive curriculum to address learning needs. With an unparalleled track record, our courses have seen students aiming for 1500 and beyond on their first SAT. At Quintessential, professional guidance remains our code of excellence. We believe that doing well is about understanding how the paper is set, mastering exam skills, and making each practice count.

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Proven Track Record

SAT Groups
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Samantha W.

SAT Score: 1600 

Daniel T.

SAT Score: 1553

Min Jun K.

SAT Score: 1500  

Zhonghan L.

SAT Score: 1600

Jovin L.

SAT Score: 1600

Jeremy S.

SAT Score: 1580  


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Samantha Wong RJC
Mr Chim is an excellent college and SAT consultant.  I am inspired by his stories of Oxford and Yale and real life examples of students who made it. Because of Mr Chim, I am more confident for my applications! Not to mention a perfect SAT score. I am very grateful for the help and insight in college selections, it made a big difference to my applications!
Jeremy Sng HCI
Before Quintessential Education and Mr Chim, I had failed the first year in getting into an Ivy League university. With the time spent with Mr Chim in NS to boost my resume and refine my personal statement, I am now clearer on what I want to pursue and why. I am also more confident for my applications. In fact, I have been shortlisted for Oxbridge and Brown interviews:) Thanks Mr Chim!
Jovin Leong SAJC
I found the classes at Quintessential very helpful in all aspects. Apart from learning through practical sessions in SAT practices, I improved greatly from various writing and analytical skills that we have learnt in class. Andrew and Sean have been great mentors and taught me a great deal in both the SAT and College Applications.
Daniel Tham SAJC
Happy teacher’s days Mr Chim! I really enjoyed your SAT lessons and your inspiring stories of Oxford and Yale. The practices and exam techniques are extremely useful. I feel my vocab, writing and reading have improved tremendously. Will do my best to get a perfect 2400!

Key Features

Elite Tutors

Taught by expert tutors who scored 99th percentile in the SAT.

Score Progress Monitoring

Customised progress reports to identify learning gaps and propose effective practices.

Targeted Drills

Effective drills and simulated practices to target learning requirements.

Realistic Practice Material

We deconstruct all question types and review them comprehensively to reinforce learning outcomes.

8 Comprehensive Lessons

25 Hours

4 Weeks

3 Exam practices

8 Comprehensive Lessons
25 Hours
4 Weeks, 3 Exam practices

SAT Course Content


Speed Reading, Verbal Reasoning, Literature, Science


Fundamentals of Writing, Grammar, Expression, Storyboard


Algebra, Functions, Graph, Geometry, Statistics

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SAT Online Classes

As Singapore starts its compulsory home-based learning, online tutoring has become the default choice for many. We believe that teaching an online class is vastly different from conducting a physical one, it requires a diverse approach and targeted teaching strategies to optimise learning outcomes.

It is important to use evidence-based online teaching tools such as scenario branching, self-paced reflective learning, video-driven cooperative learning, feedback-driven practices, and a supportive offline physical community. Since 2014, QE has been conducting online tuition for IB students from various cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and more.

Learn how QC can help you to get into the most competitive colleges in the world


QC was established with you in mind – whether you are struggling with SAT or achieving above average scores our lessons are designed to help you maximise your potential and challenge yourself. For students who struggle with SAT exams and require a tutor to help them identify their misconceptions and provide insights on how to improve on their practices, QC’s curriculum is designed to guide you through that. Our tutors have years of experiences honing the skills of students and providing insider knowledge on SAT and answering techniques which will allow you to see significant improvement in your SAT performance.

Yes. At QC, we offer a free trial lesson for SAT and more.

QC works with the best in the industry. Each QC tutor is a graduate from top universities or a teacher or an examiner with vast teaching experience. At QC, we are highly selective with our hiring intake and pick 1 or 2 tutors from every 100 profiles we see. Each tutor is cherry-picked and teaches a customised curriculum built on our highly rated E3 teaching model for maximum productivity and exam performance.

You will be able to attend a makeup class. Inform your teacher as soon as you can that you are unable to make it for a lesson. Alternatively, if  you are in a group class the rest of the students would have to agree to reschedule the class, the entire class will attend lessons on another arranged date.

The fees applicable for new students are:

A one-time material fee of $100.
A 1-month deposit.
A registration fee of $50.

Group class sizes at QC are kept small, at 3 to 6 students, depending on the subject taught. Small class sizes like ours help ensure that each student is given targeted attention from their tutor – tutors are able to monitor their progress throughout lessons and ensure that each student has a holistic and coherent understanding of every concept taught.

We also believe that class sizes should be kept small to facilitate the discussion and discourse between students during lessons. The dynamism and effectiveness of such discussions are ensured by our small class sizes.

Should you wish to form your own group class, we are happy to start with a count of two students and you are free to propose your preferred timing.