With rising global competition, university applications are increasingly competitive. The world's best schools typically have an acceptance rate below 10%. Admissions advisory has become par excellence for many students to get every advantage possible. QC's Personal Statement Mentoring helps each mentee to brainstorm, plan, and edit, for a unique narrative that impresses.

    To devise a professional application strategy
    To brainstorm, plan, and edit the Personal Statement for final submission
    To provide college analysis based on characteristics, admissions statistics, and candidate profile
    To provide advisory on Portfolio and Resume preparation
Strategic college and course selection are key to a successful application. They determine the likelihood of a direct acceptance, conditional offer, and types of interview questions each candidate faces. QC analyses admissions data, individual college and professors, and provides expert recommendation to optimise selection for the best chance of success.

Mentors will brainstorm, guide, develop, structure, and edit the personal statements with each candidate. There is no limit on the hours we put into making the perfect essay. The essay could go through 10 to 20 rounds of editing to craft a compelling application.

1. Premium Mentors

Our flagship 5 to 1 mentoring pairs each applicant with a team of 5 mentors. The team is headed by a Principal and Secondary Mentor, both of whom from an applicant’s target school (I.e. Oxford Law mentors will form up the primary team for an Oxford law applicant). 3 more mentors will provide support for college research, portfolio preparation, and beyond.

2. Winning Framework

QC's industry defining framework provides start to end coverage and  insider knowledge; from candidate profiling, application strategy, personal essays editing, to interview preparation. Since our inception, QC's track record stand heads and shoulder over competition and remains best of class.

3. Diversified Applicants 

QC's expertise extends across a diverse range of applicants. Each year. our mentees range from valedictorians to the academically less inclined.