Interview Mentoring

University admission interviews are notoriously rigorous and can determine the outcome of each application. QC offers proprietary interview preparatory courses by experienced mentors. Our mentors have aced these interviews and will provide our mentees with first hand insider knowledge on interview questions and professors. Content, pedagogy focus, with analysis of key techniques, are addressed for a competitive interview outcome.

Mentoring Objectives


Reading Lists & Progress Review

A reading list that covers potential interview topics will be prepared for the mentee. The reading materials depend on the course selection, college selection, and professor’s area of expertise. Mentors will review the student’s progress (academic and non-academic) and discuss key topics for the interview.

Framework for Anticipated Questions 

Mentors will share a suggested framework for answering anticipated questions. Subject specific and general questions will covered using our unique Quintessential Framework. Higher order interview answers are only possible with a well thought framework that is systematic and coherent. 

Body Language Correction

It is crucial to project confidence, compassion and knowledge to the interviewer. Good body language and choice of words are key foundation. Mentors will provide suggestions for improvements through an analysis of each candidate’s performance in the simulated interviews.

As Seen On

Success Cases


Sean Lim

School: ACS Independent

The interview preparation was a rigorous process, involving a strong team of consultants that provide incisive opinions and feedback. The sessions were intense and holistic, targeted at improving not only our abilities to communicate our ideas, but the quality of our content as well.




I thought the interview was very useful since I got to practice and also because the interview structure is very different from the typical ones, so it was good to learn how to approach them. Also would have been a bit more helpful if we had sessions with Bianca first since she covered the basics before going down to the centre to have the proper interview.



School: Raffles Junior College

The interview sessions were more useful as the interviewers I worked with were alumni of the specific degree themselves. Therefore, they staged very realistic interviews, similar to the actual one in terms of reading material, questions asked, and general flow. I also learned to manage my body language and organise my answers better.



School: Raffles Junior College

The interviewer preparation helped me most importantly in two ways. First, I practiced being able to answer more well thought out and organized responses on the spot and also getting used to being asked hard questions and expected a response immediately. Without the practice it would’ve have been extremely daunting to just suddenly be asked a challenging question and be expected to answer it in a short-time frame and also the ability to come up with a coherent response in a short amount of time was absolutely critical.

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