Meet Our Mentors

 Work with overachieving mentors. Each QC mentor is a graduate of a top university, has broad experience working with a diverse group of students, and a winning record of admissions success. Most were educated at leading schools like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and beyond. QC’s mentoring programme sets the foundation for a competitive headstart that widens one’s social network, provides exposure to opportunities, and a chance to work with the industry’s best. The team will guide each mentee through each part of the application process: from college selection, personal statement writing, entrance exams, to academic interview preparations.

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Jason N
Economics and Management

Shereen G
Computer Sciences

Danny Y

Charlotte Q
Natural Sciences

Fung T

How A
Mechanical Engineering

Danny H

James L

Leon K


Cecilia S
English and American Literature

Donovan G

Jonathan C
Computer Science