Mission Statement




At Quintessential, we think a lot about how it is increasingly difficult to enter a prestigious overseas university because of rising competition and costs. Consider these very real opposite scenarios:



At private schools, privileged students are mentored intensively, sometimes 1:1. This allows them to be focused enough to spend sufficient resources on addressing their weaknesses. They also have more time for career guidance. With a team behind them, their unfair success rates for university application is naturally much higher.


The public system is heavily understaffed. Students may be left to sink or swim. Teachers and career college counsellors cannot spend enough time with their students. To have a good application for the top universities, intensive prep and a dedicated team is needed. Quintessential levels the unfair playing field and provides fair access.

How difficult are the college admissions? The typical Ivy league admissions for Singaporeans have dropped from 10% to 5.5% over the past 5 years. For every 20 Singaporean applicants, only one gets in. That is the level of international competition we are facing in this global climate. Compared to the past, it is not an understatement to say much more effort is required to get to the top US and UK universities.




of university students in a survey agreed they need more career and college guidance.
Don’t end up regretting.


At Quintessential, we want to level the playing field for deserving students.

Our goals are to train strong mentors and connect them to deserving mentees. When they are ready, these mentees can then become mentors to the next generation of students. We want to ensure that each student applicant can also submit the very best version of him or herself, without being unfairly penalised for inadequate preparation or lack of finances.

We charge a flat fee of SGD $50.00 per essay for both US Common App and UL UCAS applications for a single review. Our experts in each area will review your essay accordingly and return it to you within 1 day.