“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”


At Quintessential, we believe students should start earlier, even before their senior year before university applications. Hence, we have a mentorship program for students aged 12-17.


Social Entrepreneurial Program

Practical experience should start early. Entrepreneurs don’t learn to be entrepreneurs when they are 25. We provide guidance to students in pursuing independent learning outside of school, kick-starting their own initiatives, businesses, social enterprise/community involvement charity projects. This allows them to gain skills and experience from a tender age and also invaluable leadership experience.


Top Class Mentors

Our mentors are professionals in fields like finance, law, consulting, and medicine. Most are Ivy League or Oxbridge alumni who enjoy working with young people, and helping them to be better prepared to meet the challenges of a career that suits them.

Appropriate mentors are paired with the student once our primary counsellors identify the main interests and aptitudes of the student through personality tests and interviews with the parents and student. The mentor trains the student in skills relevant to the career that he wishes to pursue in future such as public speaking or entrepreneurship, and helps the student kickstart projects that will contribute to the student’s development and develop the portfolio that appeals to universities/future employers.

Stellar grades are no longer sufficient for successful acceptance into good universities. Multi-faceted, independent, self-motivated, and adaptable individuals are what schools and companies look for. Start your journey of a thousand steps today!