Entry into Medicine is increasingly competitive (<10% in top universities). Without stellar grades, relevant community service and internships, research projects, and exceptional interview skills, successful admissions can be near impossible a dream for many. Quintessential Consultancy (QC) is the leading university application provider in Singapore and has a strong track record of guiding students into their dream universities locally and overseas. Our students regular secure offers from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Edinburgh, UCL, NUS, NTU, UNSW, Monash, Trinity and beyond.

Setting the Gold Standard

Conducted by Medical Doctors

Graduates from leading UK & SG medical schools

First-hand experience in medical applications

Professional advisory on admissions process

.Hallmark Proprietary Curriculum

Developed by doctors and medical professionals
Winning admissions strategy
Unrivalled Track Record

.Unrivalled Track Record

87% success rate to NUS/NTU Medicine

95% success rate to UK Medicine

Medical School Admissions Courses

We specialise in SIngapore, UK, and Australia Medical School admissions. Our students work with a diverse team of medical doctors and professional consultants on a 1:1 basis.
QC offers 4 courses to address each component of the admissions process. One may opt for a single programme, or the entire programme from start-to-end. All courses are conducted on a 1 to 1 basis (private lessons).


Headstart Mentoring

14 sessions*

  • Candidate profiling
  • Career research
  • Portfolio building
  • Tutorial on Personal Statement, Situational judgement test, Focused skills assessment

Personal Statement

12 sessions*

  • Personal statement brainstorming
  • Personal statement review
  • Pre-submission check

Entrance Test Preparation

14 sessions*

  • BMAT/ISAT academic theory review
  • Analysis of past questions
  • Test strategy
  • Timed practice and review

Interview Preparation

14 sessions*

  • SJT, FSA content review
  • Reading list discussion
  • Interview questions analysis
  • Mock interview and role-play
    Post-practice reviews

*Number of hours and sessions may vary, depending on each candidate’s aptitude and progress. All courses are conducted on a 1 to 1 basis.

Everybody’s application process is different. However, regardless of the process and school, we are confident that we can help you ace your application.
Interested in getting admitted into your school of choice? Let us know how we can help you!

Key Application Dates

Singapore: 19 March 2021

United Kingdom: 15 October 2021

Ireland: March 2021

Australia: March-April 2021

Read our blog post on medical school application details for an overview of the application process.

A Summary

Singapore (NUS/NTU):

Headstart Mentoring(Portfolio Building)

Personal Statement

Entrance test prep for the

BMATinterview training for the SJT/FSA/MMI

UK (UCAS)/ Ireland:

Headstart Mentoring(Portfolio Building)

UCAS Personal Statement

Entrance test prep for the BMAT, UCAT

interview training for the SJT/FSA/MMI/Oxbridge


Headstart Mentoring(Portfolio Building)

Personal Statement(only applies for selected universities) 

Entrance test prep for the ISAT/UCAT

interview training for the MMI