Early mentoring

Headstart Mentoring

Successful admissions to the most competitive schools require preparations from early years. Between 13-17 years old, students start to build their curriculum vitae and portfolio. This is a must to gain every advantage possible for top universities. QC’s headstart programme provides early exposure to the applications process, specialised tests/interviews, and non-academic guidance for an outstanding portfolio (Olympiads, international competitions, essays.)

Early mentoring helps students build lasting friendships with overachieving mentors, all with a success formula to share. Each QC mentor is a graduate of a top U.S. or U.K. university, has broad experience working with a diverse group of students, and a winning track record of admissions success. More importantly, a good university choice determines one’s social circle, exposure to opportunities and skills for a future career.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu

Admissions Roadmap

Headstart Mentoring Objectives

Learn how to prepare for your dream university.

Course Details

Module 1: Portfolio Preparation
3 sessions

Mentors will guide each mentees to achieve key academic and non-academic targets, such as competitions and job attachments, for a comprehensive personal portfolio.

Module 2: Critical Analyses Skills
4 sessions

Work on writing exercises and reading lists to build depth of knowledge for a strong personal statement. Mentors will introduce key academic resources to teach analysis and writing skills.

Module 3: Personal Statement Taster
4 sessions

Comprehensive guidance for the personal statements drafts are achieved through mentor-led introduction of crucial academic concepts and current affairs,  sharing of successful model essays elements and brainstorming sessions.

Module 4: Interviews Taster
3 session

Utilising QE’s proprietary interview resources and evidence-based answering frameworks, mentors share interview experiences, applications insights through 1-1 real life mock interviews with post-session video analysis.

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Success Stories

LAw Mentoring

Z C Chen

Nationality: Singaporean
School: Raffles Institution
CCA: Debates, Interact Club, HOME volunteer
Results: A levels- 4A, Cambridge Law Test -8/10
Admitted to: University of Cambridge- Wolfson, Law

ZC enrolled in QC’s Early Years Mentoring programme when he was 15 years old. Through his sessions with various mentors, he managed to meet key objectives, such as participating in law clerical work at the pro bono meet the MP sessions, volunteering for the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration (HOME), scored best team in the Debate Association Annual Competition, took up job shadowing at Drew and Napier and obtained merit award at the pro bono short essay competition.

Medicine Mentoring


Nationality: Singaporean
School: Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
CCA: Softball, Student Council
Results: IB 43, BMAT 75th percentile
Admitted to: NUS Medicine

As an Early Years Mentee, S.Lim was in the school’s softball team and also the vice council head. In addition, he did hospital attachments, took part in the NUS medical quiz, and went for mission trips to help the less fortunate. We trained him for his SJT/FSA, MMI interviews, and BMAT as well where he scored 90th percentile.



Nationality: Chinese
School: Anglo Chinese School (International)
CCA: Peking Opera, Computer Science
Results: SAT 1450 SAT II Maths:760 Physics:780
Admitted to: Georgia Tech
Computer Science

QC provided advisory on CL’s research on solar cars, batteries, and field oil testing, He also met key objectives and enrolled in fundamental programmes like Java coding, Python, and wrote a basic computer program on his own. He also performed Peking Opera at the CCTV annual show. For his US applications, our mentors also helped him with his SAT I and II preparations with key insider strategies.

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