Chem engineering

Editing Essays- Part 4 (Chem Engineering)

Chemical Engineering is a very technical and challenging course. Many famous CEOs, business leaders and Nobel Prize winners studied chemical engineering.   Note the comments in  in the essay to a laymen and lack of elaboration, good opening lines. Often candidates may better their essays by reading widely on global affairs. Contact Read more…


Editing Essays – Part 3 (PPE)

Said to be the university subject of future prime ministers, PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) personal statements can be very daunting and demanding.   Take a look at this great essay. Say things with conviction and elegantly illustrate your points to its core. #ppeessays #editingppeessays #quintessentialedu #educationconsulants #ppeeducation #futureprimeminister  


Editing Essays – Part 2 (Law)

  Often Law essays can be daunting. How do you show depth and breadth without sounding contrived and boring?   Note the comments about substantiating your understanding and evolution of thoughts. Note the importance of an active voice and the importance of stating solutions and not just platitude statements. Note Read more…

Studying Medicine

Editing Essays – Part 1 (Medicine)

Here, we share with you common pitfalls and improvements that one can make to an essay with help and advice.   Note the use of “gratifying prestige” and *no recognition of the long and arduous journey of medicine”. Here’s what an improved essay draft could look like: #medessays #consultancy #quintessentialedu #essayconsultants Read more…