“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level” -Quintessential Consultancy

Quintessential Consultancy is Singapore’s leading provider of educational advisory. Founded with the goal to help each student in his or her personal development, QC works on the motto that each student can find an appropriate university where he or she can be successful, and we make a commitment to perfect the application process.

Early preparation for college admissions will give you an invaluable advantage in a globalised and increasingly competitive world. By cherry picking the most talented and dedicated mentors, we hire only the most talented, successful college students and working professionals before rigorously training them in all aspects of admissions. All our consultants hail from top courses in Yale, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, amongst others. Most have precious experience in professions such as Finance, Medicine, Law, and Engineering. Most importantly, they enjoy working with young people and sharing what they have learnt as mentors and friends.

Now in our fourth year, QC has a strong track record, with a near perfect success rate for Ox-bridge universities, as well as numerous acceptances for the Ivy League Universities. More than just a provider of mentoring services, QC encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote academic excellence.

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