Quintessential Consultancy is Singapore’s leading Oxbridge & Ivy League Admissions Specialist, offering bespoke start-to-end mentorship services. Having combined knowledge of over 50 Oxbridge & Ivy League mentors, QC’s insider knowledge gives key insights to a comprehensive mentoring framework and a winning strategy. To date, we have guided an unrivalled number of students to their dream schools. In 2017 alone, QC had 13 successful Oxbridge applications and 12 Ivy League placements. We take our mission of navigating university applications for you seriously. Quintessential Mentors come from an exclusive and extensive network of the top 25 universities, not just Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities (Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Stanford, U Penn, Brown, Princeton, Yale, Harvard etc), including both undergraduate and graduates. Our committed and experienced mentors also form an alumni network that will benefit many of our existing students under mentorship well beyond their student years. Junior and senior mentors form coaching pairs to cover depth and experience.


  • Candidate profiling
  • Analysis of student profile
  • University application plan
  • Personal Statement Editing
  • Application strategisation
  • College research
  • Interview preparations
  • Entry test prep


  • We provide stellar mentors for start to end rigorous 1-on-1 mentoring with a comprehensive framework.
  • A perfect application has 25 steps from pre-application to application and post applications!
  • A team of 5, with one pair of junior and senior mentor along with 3 experienced mentors in essay writing, are attached to a single mentee.
  • Mentors assigned to you will be from the course you specify.
  • You can be assured of a winning formula that will maximise your dream school chances and secure your safety schools.