US University Entrance Exams


The Scholastic Assessment test is an essential test organised by college board for US university applications.
The SAT Reasoning Test is a common entry criteria for undergraduate programs in the US and Singapore. Competitive programs may require you to submit SAT Subject Test scores as well.


While many education providers focus solely on the SAT, here at Quintessential, we believe it pays off to also prepare for the ACT for entry to U.S colleges as well. The American College Test is also popularly used by US colleges as part of their standardized testing requirement for college applications. Although not all US colleges require standardized testing as part of their college application, it is a common requirement for selective colleges to require either the SAT with Subject Tests or the ACT.

Our Philosophy

 Our highly rated curriculum is intelligently designed by subject experts to help each student maximize his or her potential. Each ACT and SAT educator go through the official tests countless times to break down all possible question types and patterns, deciphering the most difficult of questions to develop a holistic curriculum to address all iterations of the tests. With an unparalleled track record, our courses have seen students aiming for 1500 and beyond on their first attempt at the SAT and 33 for the ACT. Professional guidance and targeted help have remained our code of excellence and our courses are taught by experienced SAT/ACT tutors from Ivy League and top universities like Oxford and Yale,  and are widely received. At Quintessential, we believe that doing well is about understanding how the paper is set, how to master the skills, and how to make each practice count.

ACT or the SAT?

While colleges do not prefer one exam over the other, there are crucial differences in exam structure and skills tested. As a result, students may find themselves with a natural affinity for one or the other. It is therefore important to find which test will allow you to best showcase your abilities and leave a lasting impression.

Differences between SAT and ACT

A Science Section– The ACT comes with a science section that doesn’t require prior know ledge, but tests your ability to read and interpret data, graphs, and experimental results. While knowledge in science is not required, comfort with scientific language will aid in this section as some students may be thrown off by the constant use of scientific jargon. The SAT does not have a science section at all.

Different Essays– For the ACT, you’re required to write a persuasive argument on a debatable issue while evaluating three different arguments on it while the SAT will ask you to evaluate a 650-700 word passage on how the author builds his/her argument.

Reading Comprehension– The ACT English section does not require a high reading level to understand its passages while the SAT passages will come in varying difficulty; SAT passages usually range from a high school level to early college.

Math Section– While the SAT comes with a non-calculator section as well as a calculator section, on the ACT a calculator is permitted for the whole math portion of the test. The Math Section of the SAT will also have a fill-in-the-blanks portion which again, the ACT does not. Information tested is broadly similar with the ACT testing a little more advanced algebra and trigonometry.

Time– The ACT is a much more time intensive test that gives you much less time to solve each problem while the SAT is relatively generous with pacing.

SAT Course Information

We design our SAT prep class for different levels as follows:

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ACT Course Information

We craft our ACT prep class for different levels as follows:

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