University Consultancy



The Quintessential Process

Stage One: Laying the foundations of the your application

  1. Pre-mentorship Interview

A Principal mentor and admin manager will set up a initial meeting with each student. During this session, the consultancy team will conduct a comprehensive interview of the student to understand his/her goals, personality, strengths and weaknesses, personal interests, and key life experiences. This interview will help with candidate profiling and help us to determine how best to enhance the application.

  1. Analysis of Student Profile/Application Plan Conceptualisation

We will review the student’s profile and prepare an action plan. The team will be headed by a principal and a junior mentor who are from the same university that the student is applying to. They will assess the student’s overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as application statistics and probability of successful entry to desired colleges.

  1. Construct College List/Resume Advice

Under the principal mentor’s supervision, we will construct a list of potential colleges. The list will comprise of schools broken down into the following categories – “Dream”, “Reach” and “Safety” schools. This will include in-depth and honest discussions with the client in order to align expectations.- Depending on the timeframe to application, the consultants may also make suggestions for the student to undertake particular projects or activities to enhance his resume.

Stage Two: Refining your application 

  1. Conceptualisation of Application Strategy

A personalised application strategy and roadmap will be developed and we can expect 10 to 20 rounds of brainstorming and essay reviews by our mentors. We believe that every individual has a unique story to tell. The mentors will guide the students to formulate essay ideas which reflect the his or her unique characteristics, strengths and life experiences.  

  1. Completing the application

The team will proceed to advise the student on the application process itself, according to timelines drawn up in the roadmap. The finalised documents will be reviewed by the principal mentor prior to submission.

Stage Three: Success!

  1. Submission of application

Submit application forms to colleges on time Maximise the student’s chance of acceptance when placed on wait-list through regular communications with colleges Aid student in final choice of college when accepted by more than one colleges

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