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Herman A. (RJC 2014)
Accepted to: Law at Exeter College, Oxford University (deferred 2016 entry)
Co-curricular Track Record: National and Raffles Colours Award for Shooting; Captain of Raffles Shooting Club; Raffles All-Round Excellence Award; Extensive hours organizing and participating in community service projects

Herman signed up for the QC programme about 2 weeks before the October 2014 application deadline for Oxford applications. Amazingly, he was due to leave for his Police Force Leadership Training Programme at Pulau Ubin Adventure Camp almost immediately, leaving him with literally 1 week of spare time to revise his personal statement with me. I could immediately tell that his heart was set on the US, but unfortunately he did not manage to gain acceptance to his dream US colleges in previous applications. But being a very responsible and conscientious student, Herman quickly adapted to the high expectations that I had of him, despite his busy schedule as a Police Officer (NS). At our interview practices, he graciously accepted my criticisms of “being too wooden”, “passive” and “lacking in structure” and always strived to improve. I have enjoyed mentoring Herman and think that he would make an outstanding police officer, lawyer or diplomat in future, given his qualities of integrity, dedication, and passion for service.

– Andrew, US/UK Consultant

Hans K. (UWC 2015)
Accepted to: Fu School of Engineering, Columbia University 
Co-curricular Track Record: Math Club, Interact Club; organized overseas project to Africa

Hans came to us for help in his US applications in June 2014. Growing up in Korea, English was his second language and he had difficulty penning his thoughts and displaying his competencies to various colleges. Also, he felt that he lacked capabilities or any distinct skills that could distinguish him from other candidates. At our sessions, we explored his interests and took a big step to take up programming and coding courses where Hans learnt integral skills to develop his own android application. His attitude and aptitude for learning was truly commendable for someone of such age, allowing us to craft a compelling essay that showcased his talents and potential. We discussed his experiences from various internships, research, and competencies in sophisticated skills such as coding and programming (through independent learning). His drive and pursuit for self improvement really sets him apart from the rest of the candidates and he was eventually accepted by Columbia. Hans is an extremely bright student who just needed some direction and guidance. It was a great pleasure guiding him through the applications and have no doubt he will go far in his career. He aspires to work as a currency trader in a private bank and eventually move on to a hedge fund.

– Leon, US Consultant

Clay H. (SAS 2014)
Accepted to: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2017 entry)
Co-curricular Track Record: Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics Club, Harvard Model Congress; various community service projects.

After being disappointed in his initial applications to college, Clay sought out help from us to make a more successful second application. Being in full-time National Service during the application process meant that he had a very limited amount of time that we could work together and I was not very optimistic about his chances of success. When he first came to QC, Clay had tremendous difficulty expressing himself with clarity and impact. While many students have an aversion to criticism, Clay took them in stride and always looked forward to learn from his mistakes to better himself. Clay was an astute student who took to my guidance and quickly adjusted to overcome his flaws to exceed my expectations. His dedication and positive attitude eventually led to his acceptance into the highly competitive Philosophy, Politics, and Economics course at LSE.

– Andrew, US/UK Consultant


Oscar C. (RJC 2015)
Accepted to: Law at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge (2018 entry)
Co-curricular Track Record: Case Officer Humanitarian Organization of Migration Economics, Silver Medal at the International Biomedical Olympiad, Bronze Medal at Singapore Science and Engineering Fair, Asian Scientist Writing Prize Honorable Mention.

Oscar signed for the QC programme in the 2016 cycle. His first year into National Service, Oscar was keen to read Law at Cambridge and did not know how to get started. I reviewed his portfolio and concluded that he had decent chances. Most importantly, we decided that his profile and various application conditions favored Downing College. The rest of the weeks were spent refining the essays, which were fluent and congruent, states many of the achievements he had yet did not show a personal connection to why he wanted to study law. A bright and conscientious individual, Oscar quickly caught on to what the mentors were getting at and we managed to get a good personal statement out within 8 drafts. Next up was the preparations for the Cambridge Law Test and interviews, during which several other mentors guided him through specimen cases that were integral to the law interviews. Oscar learnt well and proved himself to be a very strong candidate, swiftly learning to apply various tenets of jurisprudence to make a good interview and was offered a place at Wolfson College.

– Dylan, US/UK Law Consultant

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