September 7, 2015



What sets us apart from other education providers which solely focus on tutoring, and consultancy for university applications is our focus on the early holistic development of the students.

Our philosophy is that practical experience should start early. Entrepreneurs don’t learn to be entrepreneurs when they are 25. In other countries, they start in their teens. We provide guidance to students in pursuing independent learning outside of school, and kick-starting their own initiatives, businesses, social enterprise/community involvement charity projects. This allows them to gain skills and experience relevant to the job market from a tender age and also invaluable leadership experience.

Our mentors are working professionals (in finance/law/consulting/healthcare) and Ivy League/ Oxbridge alumni who enjoy working with young people, and helping them to be better prepared to meet the challenges of a career that suits them. Our mentors derive a lot of satisfaction from helping others get a leg up, because in their studies and careers they have met mentors who have inspired and helped them tremendously.

Our methodology – The appropriate mentor is paired with the student once our primary consultants identify the main interests and aptitudes of the student through personality tests and interviews with the parents and student. The mentor trains the student in skills relevant to the career that he wishes to pursue in future such as public speaking or entrepreneurship, and helps the student kickstart projects that will contribute to the student’s development and develop the resume that appeals to universities/future employers (yes the job market is that tough, and getting increasingly tougher). They can hone their skills or take a directional change for their projects and interests – our mentors are diverse and support their range of needs.

We accept students from secondary school upwards and accompany them all the way to university and beyond. Our aim is to develop a network of students and mentors that will benefit both parties throughout their lifetime.

Speaking to university admissions officers and employers, they say that stellar grades are no longer sufficient for entry into good universities and for future career success. Multi-faceted, independent, self-motivated, and adaptable individuals are what the successful firms of today (Facebook, Google, Alibaba) look for today.

If you are a parent or student interested to learn more, feel free to contact us!