Medicine – Part 2 (Sydney Medicine)

Medicine FAQs University of Sydney Course: Medicine (MD, postgrad) What subjects did you do at IB/A levels and what were your CCAs? Chemistry, physics, maths, GP  . Rugby How does the workload of university compare with IB/A levels? Undergrad is manageable, you’ll have time for a part-time job. Postgrad medicine is pretty full-on, there’s no time Read more about Medicine – Part 2 (Sydney Medicine)[…]

UK medicine

Medicine in UK – FAQs

Here are the common FAQs Quintessential Medicine Tutors have kindly compiled for our Pre-U students 🙂 Deadlines Top UK schools Requirements Deferrment policy BMAT UKCAT Essay Practice Referee Interview practice Submission help Matriculation Tip Deadlines 15 October, 18:00 (UK time)– any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary Read more about Medicine in UK – FAQs[…]

Glasgow Medicine

Medicine – Part 1 (Glasgow Medicine)

Glasgow Medicine FAQs University: University of Glasgow Course: 5-year medical degree (MBChB) What subjects did you do at IB/A levels and what were your CCAs? I did Triple Science in Hwa Chong Junior College – Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics; and my CCAs included Basketball, the Health and Fitness Club, as well being a CIP Read more about Medicine – Part 1 (Glasgow Medicine)[…]

Studying Medicine

Editing Essays – Part 1 (Medicine)

Here, we share with you common pitfalls and improvements that one can make to an essay with help and advice.   Note the use of “gratifying prestige” and *no recognition of the long and arduous journey of medicine”. Here’s what an improved essay draft could look like: #medessays #consultancy #quintessentialedu #essayconsultants #educationconsultants #medicine #medicalstudents