UK medicine

Medicine in UK – FAQs

Here are the common FAQs Quintessential Medicine Tutors have kindly compiled for our Pre-U students 🙂 Deadlines Top UK schools Requirements Deferrment policy BMAT UKCAT Essay Practice Referee Interview practice Submission help Matriculation Tip Deadlines 15 October, 18:00 (UK time)– any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary Read more about Medicine in UK – FAQs[…]

Duke Medicine

US Universities – Part 1 (Duke)

Duke University FAQs University: Duke University Subject studied: Engineering, Economics What subjects did you do at IB/A levels and what were your CCAs? Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, 2 ‘S’ Papers CCAs: Students Council How does the workload of universitiy compare with IB/A levels? Comparable; you can choose your own pace. How did you decided on Read more about US Universities – Part 1 (Duke)[…]


Choosing Universities- Part 1 (Norcal vs Socal)

Choosing Universities- Part 1 (North California vs South California) “California girls, they’re undeniable, daisy dukes, bikinis on top.” Katy Perry’s voice was the soundtrack of my summer in 2013, all geared up with flip-flops and denim shorts, ready to head out to the green lands of California for my first year at UC Berkeley. The Read more about Choosing Universities- Part 1 (Norcal vs Socal)[…]


US Essays- Part 1 (Self-Reflections)

Writing College Essays: A Self-Reflection.   If there was one thing I learned about the college application process when I was applying to American universities, it was that everything mattered. Getting high SAT scores or a high GPA can only get you so far. It appears as though the United States wants to know more Read more about US Essays- Part 1 (Self-Reflections)[…]

Chem engineering

Editing Essays- Part 4 (Chem Engineering)

Chemical Engineering is a very technical and challenging course. Many famous CEOs, business leaders and Nobel Prize winners studied chemical engineering.   Note the comments in  in the essay to a laymen and lack of elaboration, good opening lines. Often candidates may better their essays by reading widely on global affairs. Contact us if you want to Read more about Editing Essays- Part 4 (Chem Engineering)[…]


Editing Essays – Part 3 (PPE)

Said to be the university subject of future prime ministers, PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) personal statements can be very daunting and demanding.   Take a look at this great essay. Say things with conviction and elegantly illustrate your points to its core. #ppeessays #editingppeessays #quintessentialedu #educationconsulants #ppeeducation #futureprimeminister  


Editing Essays – Part 2 (Law)

  Often Law essays can be daunting. How do you show depth and breadth without sounding contrived and boring?   Note the comments about substantiating your understanding and evolution of thoughts. Note the importance of an active voice and the importance of stating solutions and not just platitude statements. Note the importance of being specific Read more about Editing Essays – Part 2 (Law)[…]

science student

Getting References – Part 1 (Science)

Here is a sample reference of an good student Harvard would accept: X has been an assistant in my laboratory during the past year, and has proven to be exceptional in several respects. First, X is exceptionally intelligent. He proved to be a very quick study, learning the elements of experimental design and the uses Read more about Getting References – Part 1 (Science)[…]


Choosing your degree: Ma, I want to be a hairdresser.

I remember telling my granddad and mum that I wanted to be a hairdresser and sweep hair off the floor. (That isn’t even what a hairdresser does but let’s move on.) Now I’m a lawyer. Suffice to say, we don’t know what the heck we want when we’re younger. This article is important. This is Read more about Choosing your degree: Ma, I want to be a hairdresser.[…]

Studying Medicine

Editing Essays – Part 1 (Medicine)

Here, we share with you common pitfalls and improvements that one can make to an essay with help and advice.   Note the use of “gratifying prestige” and *no recognition of the long and arduous journey of medicine”. Here’s what an improved essay draft could look like: #medessays #consultancy #quintessentialedu #essayconsultants #educationconsultants #medicine #medicalstudents